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Association Chance

Social Actions Projects 2017
Association Chance (Children AgaiNst CancER)

CHANCE is a Lebanese Association whose mission is to help Lebanese children with Cancer or Blood Disorders receive the best chance for cure and accept their disease. Children with cancer have very high cure rates so financial difficulties should never be an obstacle to successful treatment because every child should have the right to be treated and cured.
Unavailability of medications and difficult access to adequate medical care will compromise children’s chance to be cured.

The Association CHANCE is registered since 2005 as an official non-profit organization (License Number 52/AD) that supports the treatment of children suffering from cancer (by funding their chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, etc…) mainly at St George, Hotel Dieu, Rizk, Abou-Jaoudeh and Ste Thérèse Hospitals and many others and promotes cancer prevention and cancer control in Lebanon in addition to organizing activities and outings for the children, so they can accept their disease.

CHANCE has also been approved since 2006, as the first Lebanese association to be a member of ICCCPO, the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organizations, representing Lebanon. CHANCE relies entirely on volunteer work and donations. It was started in 2002 by doctors, parents and volunteers so that EVERY child in Lebanon can receive the best CHANCE to be saved.


The team is composed of the following students:

  • Lara Naboulsi
  • Racha Al Azzi
  • Elissa El Haber
  • Charbel Hatem
  • Leova El Mir
  • Zeina Hechme

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