2017 Awareness

Internet Awareness Campaign

Internet Awareness Campaign 2017 
17 to 24 March

Ntebho_Online is an awareness campaign initiated by the Ministry of Social Affairs/Higher Council of Childhood, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the British Council, Université Antonine, LBCI and other stakeholders.
The mission of Ntebho_Online is to highlight that the virtual world is as real as real life and that threats online are threats offline.

Supervised by their University instructors, a team of students from the Departments of Graphic Design and Advertising joined efforts to create the concept, develop the visuals and material, and manage the online campaign.

The uAntonine Team :
– Cynthia DAGHER (pub3)
– Léova EL MIR (pub3)
– Nour YOUSSEF (pub3)
– Zeina HECHME (pub3)
– Rasha KAZZI (ag3)
– Léa JREIJ (ag3)

– Georges KYRILLOS
– Antoinette BOU GEBRAEL

Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/NtebhoOnline


Poster 1

Internet Awarness Campaign

Poster 2

Internet Awarness Campaign


TV Commercial 1

TV Commercial 2


Social Media Visuals

Internet Awarness Campaign

Internet Awarness Campaign

Internet Awarness Campaign